My Style


Real life moments.  Effortless.  I mean that is why I am a photographer. I live for moments like these.  Moments YOU get from my eyes.  What you see, is simply what you get! 🙂  What my clients tell me, “We’re not photogenic.”  Yes you are.  We all are.  You just have to be in your own element with an open mind.  Enjoy life and each other.  If you need guidance and direction, I can do that effortlessly.  I come into a session with an open mind, relaxed environment with fun energy!  Posing will happen, and I’ll be there to direct you, but my main focus will be your personalities caught on camera and the best times of your lives.


Camera/Photo Editing:

I shoot with a Nikon D4 and D3. I love my dreamy 85mm and 24mm lenses.  I hand edit ALL photos we take. I love bold, rich and vivid colors.  I deliver photos in high resolution into a private online gallery for your convenience.