About Michelle

Hi there!  I am a wife and a mama living in Camarillo, California. I am a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer that edits and also works out of my little office at home. I love animals as much as I love coffee. When I’m not working, I’m cooking something delicious, spending time with my family, doing the mom thing, having a girls night, or gardening.  I am inspired by every couple I meet.  I make every session fun and comfortable for all my clients.  I can honestly say that these past 13 years of photography has been the absolute best years of my life. It was a time that I found my soul and knew that it was something that I was born to do.  I am obsessed with rich colors and unscripted moments.  I want you to laugh, cry, and re-live all the moments I’ve captured every single time you look at your photos.