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Victoria + Rudy: Engagement

Ohhh Winter in Ojai, CA are the best mountain sunsets. Ever hear about the “Pink Moment?” We were lucky enough to catch it at the end of our session.  Winters are just as good as summers on our coast. Which is why I get the best of both worlds for Victoria + Rudy’s engagement AND wedding. We did this engagement the beginning of January and it was absolutely the clearest evening with that beautiful golden light. TOMORROW is there wedding! On May 24, 2019.  As I’m packing and prepping for their wedding, I thought it would be a great time to blog their engagement. Going through these photos makes me even more excited for their wedding day. Victoria’s the kind of woman that knows what she wants! And what she wants, she’ll get!  Rudy is so sweet and is down for anything! I appreciate the time and intimate detailing they put their hearts into for this wedding.  Cannot wait to see you guys!


Location: Ojai, California

Hair and Makeup: Brenda Hendricks Artistry

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